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- And we have been since 1989.

GUNDAL is a family business based in Vorbasse, Denmark. The company is known and recognized for producing economical, efficient cleaning products.
The company's history started back in 1989 and the values that drive the company are the same today.
GUNDAL was founded in the early days by Arne Gundal. Over the years, it evolved from a small production factory of cleaning products to supplying larger companies and institutions. In particular, it became known for its TumbLet sheets, which was Arne's first machine purchase back in the late 80s.

After Arne's death, the factory remained in the family and is now run by Andreas Gundal. Today, the factory still produces the same industrial tools that Arne started developing back in the day. This is the series that is today referred to as the Main Series. This includes the production of TumbLet. In addition to GUNDAL's own products, Andreas has further developed the family's passion and created what is today the focal point in Vorbasse - namely private label production within liquids, cosmetics and transportation products.

Today, the factory has over 30 production lines and is increasingly focusing on robotics.

"Over the years, the factory has developed a lot and we have expanded several times, but our values are still the same as when my father started the factory. Danishness, unique collaboration and quality are the keywords that have brought us to where we are today"
- Andreas Gundal, CEO.

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Our mission is to be one of the world's best partners in the production of liquid fluids by focusing on a few, but great partners at home and abroad. 


Our mission is to combine the quality we deliver in our products with the perfect partnership. Where our partners can focus on development and sales, while we focus on the product.


Still the same ambition for high quality

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